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Bio-Humate Foliar is a scientifically formulated combination of beneficial microbes and plant nutrients derived from sea plants for orchards, vegetable crops, vineyards, and more.  Soil fertility often cannot be amended in time to make effective corrections during one short season. However, plants are able to absorb nutrients through the surface cells and stomata of their foliage, therefore, foliar feeding is a fast and effective way to correct nutrient deficiencies, or supplement any fertility program. As a foliar, the microbial additions to the foliage increases atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus absorption rates of the plant leaves, thus reducing the number of supplemental nutrients needed. Bio-Humate Foliar can be used several times throughout the growing season for additional nutritional support of the crop. Bio-Humate Foliar contains a proprietary blend of microbes and other key micronutrients formulated exclusively by Humate USA Inc. for the purpose of topical application.  The product is a fine talc-like powder. When mixed with water it does not fall out of solution.

The first application is 150 grams per acre after 4-5 leaves are formed, subsequent applications should be applied every 2 weeks, using 75 grams per application per acre for a 90-day growing season.  Additional growth period requires additional applications. The application can be through sprinklers or a power sprayer. SoilRenu Foliar’s mild organic ingredients including nitrogen-fixing microbes, and other micronutrients, act as a bi-monthly boost.  It performs quickly and consistently in supplying nutrients to all types of plants. SoilRenu Foliar can be used with some types of chemical fertilizers (not time release) but we recommend using a chelated, natural fertilizer for more consistent results because of the sensitivity of the microbes.

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