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Introduce FOLIAGE MAXIMIZEr, a foliage fertilizer that enhances and increases the size and quality of fruit with a custom blend of essential minerals and micronutrients, allowing the fruit to grow as large as it can be

Our team of experts has developed a range of specialized fertilizers designed to optimize plant growth and health, resulting in higher yields of better quality and heavier fruits.

Our custom blend fertilizers are made from the highest quality ingredients, 100% organic, carefully selected, and blended to give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. We use a variety of macro and micronutrients, along with other beneficial elements such as trace minerals, to create a fertilizer solution that is perfectly balanced for your specific crop.

Our custom blend fertilizers are easy to use and can be applied at various stages of the plant’s growth cycle to ensure optimal results. We also offer personalized guidance and support to help you get the most out of your fertilizer application.

We are confident that our custom blend fertilizer solutions will help to achieve the desired results of increased harvest fruit with better quality, weight, and quantity.


Organic Nitrogen: 13%
Boron: 0.34%
Mg: 0.075%
Zn: 0.1%

Application: Use in the fruiting state, mix 1.5~ 2.0 ml to 1 Litter of water foliage on the tree; Spray every 3 to 5 days or after rain to get the best results

Storage in a cool and dark place, avoid sunlight.


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