1~3mm Screen Granular Organic Humic Acid

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– 70% Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid Organic Agriculture Grade.
– C:N ratio of 54:1  naturally occurs.
– All Nature Soil Conditioner
– OMRI listed – Can be USDA certified if use

HU-7G is a concentrated source of humic acids, an essential element of creating sustainable agriculture,  containing 70% humic acid by weight. HU-7G is a 100% naturally occurring, unaltered oxidized lignite and is listed in ORMI as a certified organic soil conditioner. This concentrated humic acid is mined and screened to a 1~3mm particle size, so this material can use as spread broadcast to revitalize the soil and provide a sustainable agricultural

HU-7G adds organic materials, including humic acids, to the soil by slowly reviving the soil of the depleting nutrients to enhance the uptake of nutrients and stimulate soil life. This is a supplemental source that contains traces of elements, including organic matter in the soil

Dosage – one hectare (ha) per season
After three years of usage, a certificate of Organic USDA approval can be obtained. Please consult with our representative.

Ground Soil: After harvest, use “HU-7G – Screened Humates 13mm” for soil maintenance.

– The first year of use is 225K
– The second year is down to 170 Kg
– The third year is down to 113Kg
– Fourth year and after, use down to 85Kg to maintain healthy soil
– The use of “HU-7G” as above will

Increase the level of humus in the soil.
The conversion of heavy metals such as aluminum (Al) in clay, and sour soil when high precipitation
Excessive iron (Fe) penetration prevents the absorption of nutrients
The balance of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)
Increased nitrogen stability and nitrogen residues in soil.
Preferably soil microorganisms are helpful and increase their ability to fight pathogens and disease pressures.

Application Rates:
Broadcast in fall, post-harvest or early spring, either pre-plant or with seed.
Incorporation is not required.
Banding: either with seed or after planting, reduce application rates proportionally.
It can be applied to all crops

Certificate Analysis



  • HU-7G Data Sheet
  • HU-7G Safety Material Sheet
  • HS CODE: 2702.10.0000
  • OMRI List: Download here 
OMRI-Listed – 100% Nature

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