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Organic Sustainable Solution

Balance NPK + Humic Acid for sustainable farming
60% Humic Acid + Organic NPK for Sustainable farming
Humate + OrganoMax™, a proprietary mix of micronutrients, macronutrients and Organic Matter


Organic Sustainable Solution Humate + OrganoMax™, a proprietary mix of macronutrients, micronutrients, and a high percentage of Organic Matter, was developed to deliver benefits of increased plant immune system, high-quality produce, and sustainable farming.

Organic Sustainable Solution is available as a granule, which contains an advanced balance of combinatorial chemistry, such as organic material, humic acids, well-rounded organic NPK, and optimum micronutrients to support abundant root formation and soil microbial activity and prevent or correct nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium deficiencies, plentiful organic matter, and minerals from promoting a sustainable farming

Made from a “ribbon mix” to combine fast-release humate’s humic acids with optimum organic NPK macronutrients, minerals, and amino acids to promote root growth, healthy plant growth, and increased harvest yield. 



Overall Benefits of Organic Sustainable Solution – OSS

❖Enhances seed germination.

❖A complete platform for soil and plant health, fertilizer, and water-use efficiency

❖Enhances soil and plant metabolic activities.

❖Rejuvinate depleted soil to promote sustainable farming

❖Liberates carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonates and enhances root rhizodeposition.

❖Enhance soil and organic matter mineralization.

❖They have a unique affinity for chemical balance.

❖Reduces abiotic stresses from soil and plants.

❖Enhances aerobic respiration.

❖A path to obtaining a USDA certificate

Usage Instructions

Apply directly to the soil in fall or early spring and as many as 2 to 6 applications per growing season.  Always conduct a soil test to determine nutrient levels and make needed amendments to ensure good fertility levels in your soil.  Organic Sustainable Solution is an ideal supplement to aid in the effectiveness of your fertilizer program.  Application rates will vary depending on soil conditions, plant type, nutrient requirement, and application method. Consult your local Agriculture Agent for more information on your specific application.


Proper timing, rate, and placement of Organic Sustainable Solution are important for desired results and are highly dependent on the stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels, and environmental conditions.  If unsure of application rates for your specific soils, please consult your local Ag Extension Agent.


Dry broadcast directly, in-furrow planting with seed, 50 to 100 Kg per hectare per year

1st year 100%,  amount requires based on the soil test report

2nd year 85%

3rd year 65%

4th year and subsequence years 45%

Content Analysis:
  • Content Analysis:
    Humic Acid
    ● Colorimetric (A&L)……………60%
    ● A&L method: 60% Potassium Humate (Humic Acid)
    ● ISO/Lamar/AOAC/IHSS method(s): 23-28% (Humic Acid)
  • Organic Nitrogen: 2.8%, Potassium: 5%
  • Total Organic Carbon: 50 %
  • Total Organic Matter 86%
  • pH range: 8.5-9.0
  • Solute” 96~98%
  • Trace of Amino Acids, Mineral and Protein

Available small granular: 1Kg, 5 Kg, 25Kg and 1000Kg bags

OMRI listed (pending name and technical report changing) 

HS CODE: 2702.10.0000