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Get To Know the Benefits of Humic Acid

Get To Know the Benefits of Humic Acid

Humic acid, also known as natural-plant growth stimulator which increases plant metabolism and nutrient intake and improves its growth. Humic acid is one of the essential components of organic matter which is found in nature’s most fertile soils. It is one of the ideal natural chelation product offered by Mother Nature.

Benefits of Humic Acid

The quantity of humic acid in soil greatly influenced the overall fertility of the soil, as it directly affects the water-holding ability of the soil. Therefore, edible plants developed in humic conditions are more nutritious than others. Humic acid is also used to promote the soil-less growth of seedlings. Tomato and cucumber seedlings have been found to be more responsive to growth aquatic media which contain a significant amount of humic acid.

A concentrated source of humic acid contains around 70% of the humic acid. By adding organic fertilizers to your soil can increase nutrient uptake and stimulate its life. When the plant cells are fed by a rich source of humic acid, they begin to produce more plant growth hormones. The occurrence of humic acid in the soil also increases the available of metal ions. It allows plants to efficiently use the metals they absorb and purge themselves of remains.

Humic acid is also useful in foliar applications, paired with fulvic acid. They are vital for increasing the permeability of cell wall in plants. Whenever the cell membrane gets penetrable, nutrients can easily enter via plant. Humic acid not only make nutrients more available but it also chelates harmful toxins in the soil. This benefit is especially vital in today’s soil environments, where numerous toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals are introduced over the years. The toxin molecules are captured by humic molecules and locked up. They are not absorbed by the plant and eventually flush out.

Humic acid has a very unique ability to raise the level of water retention in the soil. In today’s varying climate, it is getting more significant because ecosystems are becoming strained. Though humic acid has a negative charge, it holds both positive and negative charges and a large molecule size. Due to these properties, humic acid is capable to link all the particles in soil creating a space for microbe and healthy root growth.

Why Use Humic Acid?

Nowadays there is increasing use of humic acid for its useful impact on the development and cultivation of crops. Given below are some of the reasons why you should use humic acid:

  • Increase root strength
  • Better nutrient uptake
  • Improved seed germination
  • Enhanced fertilizer retention
  • Change and improve yield

Humic acid is one of the most effective agents and can be used as a complement to organic fertilizers. In most of the cases, humic acid reduces the need for fertilization of soil or plant’s capability to make better use of it. Humate USA  is the best know humate supplier in the USA. Our humic acid product line consists of eleven different products including:

  • HU-7G – 70% Humic Acid Screened 1-3 mm in granular form, the easiest soil recondition addictive organic and 100% natural – list in ORMI
  • HU-7P – 70% Humic Acid in powder form, can be liquefied and spray to enhance the uptake nutrients organic and 100% natural – list in ORMI
  • HU-8SP Soluble Powder a highly effective potassium humate 100% solute in a wide range of water
  • HU-Borr1 A New, High-Performance Proprietary Potassium Humate
  • HU-Micromate new micronizing technology and can be suspended in a liquid
  • HU-K3 – 70% Humic Acid Granular with 3% of Potassium – Readily to bring the harvest to the next level
  • HU-K8 – 70% Humic Acid Granular with 8% of Potassium – Readily to bring the harvest to the next level

We have also designed a unique growth stimulant called HU-K3 containing potassium humate. It can be applied to different flowering plant and crops.

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